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Cihan’s research is on youth-led social movements in Europe, including in Turkey, focused on the stories of young people about their involvement in social movements. His work is in no way critical of the Turkish state. His research passed a formal proposal defense, and his research ethics proposal was approved before the COVID-19 pandemic began. He was beginning interviews online, while awaiting approval under the new pandemic ethics process to begin face to face interviews in Turkey, Greece, and France.

Here is what his professor Dr. Jacqueline Kennelly wrote about him;

“Cihan is an outstanding student. He won an Ontario Graduate Scholarship last year, along with other internal departmental scholarships each year he has been here. He has been working with me as a Research Assistant on various projects, most recently as the coordinator of the Centre for Urban Youth Research, which I direct. He is an extraordinarily hard worker, and an extremely smart and accomplished academic with several publications in both Turkish and English.”

· Cihan’s research interests, presentations, and publications

· Cihan’s profile on the Centre for Urban Youth Research

· Cihan received Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program award

· Cihan received The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) grant

Along with his academic work, Erdal has been involved in social movements as an activist and human rights advocate for over a decade. He took roles in several political initiatives particularly on youth, left, LGBTI+. Erdal also hosted a weekly web-based TV program on youth and politics in 2017.

Below, Cihan Erdal speaks at Green Left Academy of Turkey in Istanbul, May 26, 2017 (Video with subtitles in English/Turkish)






07/2017 – Carleton University, PhD Candidate and Teaching Assistant, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Ottawa, Canada.

09/2016 – Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, PhD Candidate at Institute of Social Sciences, Sociology Department, Istanbul, Turkey. GPA: 4.00

09/2014 – 06/2016 Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, MA., Sociology Department, Istanbul, Turkey. GPA: 4.00

09/2006 – 06/2011 Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, B.A., Turkish Literature Department, Istanbul, Turkey.


Selected Publications

Toplumsal Hareketler ve Bellek İlişkisi: Yas ve Anmadan Hayaletler Siyasetine (The Relationship between Social Movements and Memory: From Mourning and Remebrance to Politics of Ghosts) co-editor with Derya Fırat, Birikim Journal, December 2019.

2000’li Yılların Solunda Abiler Siyasetinin Muteberliği; Abilik Kurumuna Gençlerin Gözünden Bakmak (Looking into the Institution of Abilik (Big Brotherhood) Through the Youth Perspective), Youth Research Funding Publications, January 2018.

Yaş, Deneyim ve Cinsiyet Merkezli Hiyerarşi Karşısında Aktivist Yönelimler (Investigating activist youth dispositions against age, experience and gender based hierarchy in the 2000s), Youth Research Journal, Vol 2. October 2017.

Devrimci Bir Pusula: Gezi (A Revolutionary Compass: Gezi), co-editor with Derya Fırat, June 2017, Ayrıntı Publications, Istanbul.

Devrimci Melankoli ve Hayaletlerle Düşünmek (Left Melancholia and Thinking with Spectres) in A Revolutionary Compass: Gezi (Co-edit. Derya Fırat and Cihan Erdal), Ayrıntı Publications, June 2017.

Meşrunun Alacakaranlığı, Kuşağın Şafağı (The Twilight of Legitimacy, The Dawn of the Notion of Generation) in A Revolutionary Compass: Gezi (Co-edit. Derya Fırat and Cihan Erdal), Ayrıntı Publications, June 2017.

2000’li Yıllarda Türkiye Solunda Abilik; Gençliğin Anti-gerontokrat Politik Kültürü (The Big Brotherhood in Turkey’s Left in 2000s; Anti-Gerontocratic Political Culture of Youth), Master Thesis.


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